in-ovationSelf-ligating braces are made from the same material as traditional braces. Traditional braces are made up of three main components including the bracket, which is placed on the tooth, the archwire that runs through each bracket, and a “tie,” which connects the archwire to the bracket. Self-ligating braces eliminate the need for “ties” and instead use a permanent moveable component that is installed to hold the wire in place.


Self-ligating braces reduce friction in your mouth and allow your teeth to move more freely with less applied force. Treatment is more comfortable than traditional braces, which allows your teeth to move more efficiently. Self-ligating braces also reduce the ability for food to get trapped in your teeth after eating due to the elimination of “ties.”

We offer two brands of self-ligating braces:

In-Ovation® C brackets are an aesthetic option for adults and teens interested in reaping the benefits of self-ligating technology. Rhodium processed clips paired with natural-colored brackets allow In-Ovation® C brackets to provide the strength and performance of traditional self-ligating brackets without the look of metal.

  • Enhanced aesthetics - ceramic brackets blend with your natural teeth
  • Less chair time during visits – rhodium clips make arch wire changes fast and efficient
  • Longer intervals between appointments - reduced arch wire friction allows you to go longer between appointments
  • Superior results - self-ligating technology reduces treatment time compared to traditional brackets

In-Ovation® R brackets provide an interactive self-ligating system, which has been recognized as an industry leader for more than a decade. Their true-twin design, full slot slip coverage, triple chamfered slot walls, smooth swept tie-wings and straight wire technology are just some of the aspects that allow In-Ovation® R to provide efficient treatment and trusted results.

  • Interactive control- round, square or rectangular arch wires can be used for customized treatment
  • Comfort- smooth swept tie-wings reduce bite interference and enhance comfort
  • Fewer and shorter office appointments- easy open clips allow arch wires to be changed quickly
  • Cleaner, more aesthetic appearance- compound contoured base provides a precise anatomical fit