COVID-19 In-Office Appointment Protocol

Drs Elaine, Jim, Meg, and Tricia with an update- Our office will be opening May 4th! As always, we are adhering to CDC and OSHA regulations. So we will be doing the following to minimize risks:

Before your appointment

  • You will receive the appointment reminder 24 hrs prior to appointment via text or email. Please follow the attached link to sign the COVID Authorization forms and health survey.

  • Brush your teeth BEFORE your appointment as the brushing station will be closed for now.

  • Please call the office at 770-945-2015 when you arrive in the parking lot. We will call you when we are ready for your appointment to start.

During your appointment

  • In the entryway we will have our concierge/screener take the patient's temperature using a digital forehead thermometer prior to the appointment.

  • We ask that the parent please wait in the car. If a parent needs to come in for emotional support, we ask that you please wear a face cover.

  • All staff members will be wearing masks and proper PPE.

  • For our recall and new patients, we ask that just one parent attend, no siblings and please bring a fashionable face covering!

  • We will be placing patients every other chair- increasing the distance to 6 feet between patients, as well as decreasing the number of people in the office.

After your appointment

  • Once the appointment is completed, we will send your child out with a written summary of the appointment, as well as a date and time for the next appointment. If the next appointment is not convenient, please call to reschedule.

As always, we strive to provide a positive and comfortable experience for our patients and will continue to do so while strictly adhering to the CDC/ADA guidelines. We cannot wait to see your smiling faces again!

COVID-19 Consent Form & Questionnaire